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  • I wanted to jump in and answer a couple of points that came up earlier. As far as reaching beyond the journalism community, I agree that EconoCheck has all sorts of value to many other professions and members of the general public. While many of the items on our website are for IRE members only, [...]

  • If anyone joining in today has suggestions or ideas, we’d be very thankful for the input.

  • We’re looking at that now, and talking with our partners at the Sunlight Foundation, and will have more to announce soon. There are plenty of potential uses for the data in EconoCheck that go far beyond the election, as economic data can be a bedrock of many stories, or can be something that answers a [...]

  • It’s also important to let an audience know where the numbers a journalist cites are coming from. EconoCheck steers journalists to reliable sources for stats and numbers, and then as long as journalists attribute the numbers they use to those sources, the public can decide how credible it thinks they are.